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Never Ask A Girl With Winged Eyeliner Why She's Late

Alice Turnbull

Recently one of my sisters asked (begged?) me to teach her how to do winged eyeliner. Apparently, all her attempts have ended up something similar to this:


I'm sure anyone who's ever tried winged eyeliner can relate. I know I can! 

Of course, I agreed. Who can say no to their little sister, right?! But now I'm faced with the challenge of figuring out how to teach her. When it comes to doing my makeup, well, I've got that skill on lock-down! I've been working with this face for over 20 years. I know what shapes and shades work and I know which ones I should steer well clear of. But when it comes to someone else's face, I am just awful at putting makeup on it! 

I've decided the best way to impart my wealth of winged eyeliner knowledge (gained over several years of experience with none too few a failure in there!)  is to show her my tricks and then let her try herself. After all, practice makes perfect! As an added bonus, I've decided to share those tricks with you!

First off, the 'tools of the trade'. You can achieve the winged eyeliner look using liquid liner, gel liner or even use eyeshadow for a more subtle version. Whichever medium you choose you are also going to need cotton tips and eye makeup remover. We all make mistakes, and winged eyeliner is a very precise look that does not leave room for error! 


Step 1: Draw a line as close as possible to your eyelashes, starting at the inner eye near the tear duct and extending all the way along to your outer eye. You may find short strokes of the brush easier than trying to draw one long line. Make sure there is no eyelid visible between your lashes and your eyeliner. You want the line to be flush against your eyelashes. If you want to thicken the line a little just go over it again using the same technique.

Pro Tip:

Rest your pinky finger against the top of your cheek as a point of balance. This will help stop your hand shaking and give you a much cleaner line.

Step 2: Extend the line you've just drawn up past the outer corner of your eye creating a thin 'tail'.

Pro Tip: Softly, softly is the best approach here! Create the tail using very gentle pressure. If you push down to firmly you will flatten the brush and create a blob of eyeliner - right where you don't need it.

Step 3: Start with your eyeliner brush at the end of the tail you just created and draw a line back in towards the line above your eye. This will create a tiny triangle which you can then fill in with your eyeliner.

Pro Tip: for a more dramatic look, when drawing the line back down towards your eye, make it a little wider for a more prominent looking wing.

And that's it. Winged eyeliner in 3 "easy" steps!

My final tip for novices - If you're finding the tiny bottle and brush of liquid eyeliner is just getting everywhere except where you want it to then try using a liquid eyeliner pen. Maybelline make one called "Master Precise" which is really easy to use, and the liquid liner dries much faster than the bottle version. This way you can practice the technique and familiarize yourself with what works for your eye shape. Once you're comfortable with that you can take off those training wheels and graduate to the bottle - eyeliner bottle, that is!


Got a winged eyeliner trick to share? Post it in the comments below!

'til next time,

Bobby Trouble



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